Sweet justice

bad nurse

I am a system/network administrator at a small district hospital. When I took the job I had six years of experience in the education field. I thought “Education… healthcare… It’s all pretty much the same thing from an IT perspective.” How very wrong I was. I am constantly harassed for stupid problems in the middle […]

Think twice if invited to the ‘Shack: Radio Shack sells iPhones preloaded with porn

awkward radio shack

Apparently a customer who purchased an iPhone for herself and her daughter found a nasty surprise on their ‘new’ devices.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a 13-year old received a phone, complete with pornographic content (didn’t specify movies or pictures, we want to know, you know…for science)  which sent her to a few weeks of […]

Drivers. You need them.

It was a normal Tuesday morning, around 11 o’clock. I was sitting in my college’s student union, on my laptop and enjoying a turkey sandwich. About 10 or so minutes into my lunch, a group of very “freshmen” looking students show up. They all sit down and all immediately take out their Macbooks, except for […]

You charge for that?


From our friends at clientsfromhell.net Client: We like the design, but what’s the blank box on the top? Me: That’s the space for the logo. Client: Then why is it empty now? Me: Because you haven’t gave me the logo yet? Client: Oh! You know, you can feel free to design one for us. ME: Oh. Well I […]