Guy builds video game in Excel. In other news, least efficient game designer in the world located.


BBC reports that an accountant (of course) named Cary Walkin developed a fantasy turn-based RPG in Excel(!) over the course of 4 months while he was studying for his MBA in Toronto.  “Sssssuuuuure he did” said his employer. The game, called Arena.xlsm, is developed using nothing but macros (the things that you invariably use to […]

Apple stores really should have drive-thrus [news]

CT Apple00237.JPG

On January 13th, an elderly person drove their Lincoln Town Car right into the Lincoln Park, Chicago Apple store.  No “geniuses” were hurt in the making of this awesome news story. “The dark-colored sedan drove through the glass walls and made it about four or five feet inside, where it seemed to turn and rested […]