Words of holiday wisdom


“Just got handed a Compaq Presario laptop, it is older than the dust in my basement. It has a fried backlight, useless CDROM, and dead battery. “Can you clean this up so I can give it to someone who doesn’t have a computer?” I offered to destroy the hard drive and drop it off at […]

Good Guy Firefighter

burnt pc at southhampton

I LOVE this story – Rob — I’m a career firefighter who was a computer science major in a previous life, so I often get tapped to handle my departments IT issues. Sometimes, that duty spills over to actual emergencies. We responded to a house fire and were the second truck on the scene. The […]

Spiceworld 2012 video: Zombies II

Posts have been sparse this week as I am at Spiceworld 2012, an annual user conference put on by Spiceworks…so, I apologize for that.  Scott has been super busy at work, so I have to put together these posts when I have time (i.e. when I’m done with the various post-session activities…eh, you know what […]