Future malware designer


From our friends at clientsfromhell.net: Email from client: “What we really want is a function where the user visits our website and the instant they do so it fires up Microsoft Word on their computer and starts filling out an order form. We think we would get massive revenue this way.”

The ‘U’ in USB…


Woman has a Kindle. It was charged when she bought it, but now the battery has run down and she needs it charged – and it’s not working. For lack of better options, I ask if she has a cell phone – and what kind it is. Quick Google reveals that it’s on the micro-USB […]

Sticky situation


Okay, so I was helping in the rollout of new Windows machines as well as inventory/surplus of the old machines. One day, my team and I stumbled upon this disgusting excuse for a workstation. We talked to the user’s boss and this is what we could deduce: The user had been fired/laid off earlier that […]