Cookie drive

I was sitting at work managing my servers like a good little Airman. When I hear the familiar “ping!” from Outlook, informing me of my probably unimportant email.

Sure enough, the email was titled “Junior Enlisted Thanksgiving Cookie Drive”. With this came the opportunity to play with the systems guys. The phone call went like this:

Systems – “Cyber Systems, SSgt RandomGuy speaking.”

Me – “Hello, this is westoncw over in the radio shop, how are you doing today?”

Systems – “Good, what can I do for you?”

Me – “I need to get a network drive mapped, I cant seem to find it”

Systems – “Okay, whats your computer name?”

Me – “(Insert Computer Name)”

Systems – “Okay, gonna remote in.”

He spends about 2-3 minutes remoting in, opens up my network connections

Systems – “Hey it looks like you’re mapped to everything, did you need something offsite?”

Me – “No no no, I’m trying to get mapped to the cookie drive that we just got an email about.”

Systems – “Well played…. (hear laughter in the background, he had me on speaker phone) Have a good one..”

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]


Just sleep it off

From our friends at Clients from Hell:

Client: My home laptop is running really slowly and I think it may have a virus.  Will it affect my desktop computer at home too?

Me: Yes, you should take the laptop offline and shut it down before it infects your other computer.

Seven days later…

Client: Hi, so, I’ve had the laptop off and it’s been resting for a week now.  Do you think the virus is gone?

via: [Clients From Hell]

Picture Source: [Francis Storr (CC)]