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Mondays are always a great day for the helpdesk. It seems an overwhelmingly large number of users do something over the weekend that causes them to forget most, if not everything, they knew the week before. I’m used to unlocking an account or two and resetting a password… but this mornings incident was unprecedented.

User: I am having trouble opening a word document, can you help?

Me: *Logs into her computer and sees Word open in the task bar* Where are you opening this document from?

User: I got it from this email, see?

Me: *Toggles view to her secondary monitor and finds the document open and in focus* Hey, do you see the document? It’s on your second monitor.

User: Oh, there it is!

Sometimes, I wish we had web-cams installed at every desk so we could capture these moments of revelation.

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I don’t think I have the mental or emotional fortitude to deal with this

I don’t think I have the mental or emotional fortitude to deal with this.

EMAIL FROM CO-WORKER: I think I’m gonna have to have you walk me through the download from my computer to my lab top. I put the cord into the lab top but nothing happened. Call me after work on my cell phone at (###) ###-#### when you get a chance. 

I hardly know where to start. The fact that she wants me to call her at home after work to help with her personal computer, the fact that I’m pretty sure she’s trying to transfer programs and files from one computer to the other by connecting them with an ethernet cord, or THE FACT SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SPELL “LAPTOP”!!!

If they can’t say it right, just take it away. Lab top, sheesh. -Scott

From the drawers of the Faildesk: March 22 Edition

F- certified

Many years ago I use to go to the local pc shop weekly buying lots of hardware upgrades for gaming anyway I knew everyone that worked there so this guy walks into the support area he had thermal paste all over his new p4 cpu and all over the socket you could see the scortch marks and smell it the guys response was “I’m A+Certified I know what I’m doing”.

From the Field


Guy calls helpdesk because his monitor is going out. We check it out and sure enough the backlight on the LCD is just about gone. We tell him that we will replace it ASAP and leave. He calls the helpdesk about 2 hours later and says, “I’m getting a new monitor. Do I have to backup my desktop icons before it gets replaced?”

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Putting the “see” in CD

User is having trouble burning data to a CD. We have talked him through the diagnosis and even remote controlled his machine to confirm that he is trying to do everything correctly. Oddly enough, he was. Our first tier tech tags along with me to learn how I fix it, if I can. We get there and the user tells us that the CD-R is in the drive, I see a brand new stack of CD-Rs sitting there so we are pretty sure that it’s just a bad CD. I open the CD tray and pull out the “CD”. I say, “I think I SEE the problem.” User had pulled the top disc off the stack, the clear spacer disc. He had even checked it twice while we were on the phone. His response, “Oh. You guys aren’t going to tell anybody about this, are you?”

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Brown Friday: Deal of the week

What gets my about some of these is how they are valued. I’m sure this is a great machine, I could even see asking for $50 after all it’s a working computer. Look at towards the end, an extra $25 for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  My money says that monitor is a 17″ CRT and the keyboard and mouse are the Dell branded one that came with it originally.

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I don’t know how I’d handle this one…

Two years ago, a “large” lady called me because her pc wasn’t booting properly. She said it was making lots of beeps and that Windows couldn’t start. I went to her desk and booted the pc. It worked fine. Some other day, she called me for the same problem, so I decided to check what she was doing wrong. I asked her to boot the pc while I checked the error code. I realized that her breast was resting on the keyboard when the desktop was booting. I was a little shy to tell her the “bug”…

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