From the Drawers of the FailDesk: April 19th Edition

I might specify ‘xxxx’ next time just to troll this user…

Note, this was after the user had been absent and we were asked to change something in her voicemail.

User: Unable to login to voicemail system.

Me: Ticket closed: Your password was reset to ‘xxxx’.

User: Ticket Reopened. I’m still unable to retrieve voicemails…

User (7 minutes later): Please disregard – I used the new password and it worked…  Thanks much!


Vague student and/or lecturer is vague

As far as lacking in information goes this one takes the cake.

“My screen does not have an edit facility.  Am I registered as a lecturer or as a student?  Can this be changed please?”

This was registered on the helpdesk under “general request.” Needless to say we asked them to supply more information.


Sure, let me mention that to execs at the next Sprint Board meeting.

This will be the 3rd or 4th time we’ve had to tell her that we can’t control cell towers where she lives.

Ticket Summary: Janet/DeptName/xxx-xxxx/Pager keeps going into “Roaming” mode.

Ticket Notes: User lives in the Bee Caves area and says her Sprint phone goes into Roam mode a lot out there. She may just live too far from the towers.


All from the Field – thanks to you all!

Aside from email, I think you have other problems…

Typical Monday morning rolls around, you know, the usual forgot password over the weekend calls.  I get a call asking if we are having issues with email.  My reply of course was not that we have heard yet.

Knowing this person is not computer literate I remote in to save time for us both.  Once in, I see three Outlook sessions open in the Taskbar.  I click to maximize one and see it pop up on the 2nd screen.  I ask “did you see Outlook pop up on your 2nd monitor?” and she replies “Oh my, I forgot to turn it on.”  My head = slamming into desk


Hey there; Long-time reader, first-time submitter. About 4 years of helpdesk experience while doing secondary and now tertiary studies.

I work at a small ISP in Australia. It is SOP to confirm usernames and passwords of end users when they call in. Today’s Saturday though, and I’m trying to get end users fixed and gone so I can catch up on tickets and emails. As a result, I asked a user to confirm their password at the end of a call rather than the beginning.

EU: Hi, I’d like to purchase [x service that we offer]

Me: Certainly, what is your credit card number?

EU: [Provides CC details, name, expiry, and address for good measure].

Me: That’s been purchased on your account now. Could I also confirm your password please?

EU: What? Why would you need to do that?

Me: It’s standard procedure to confirm username and password. You told me your username and other details before, could you confirm your password?

EU: I don’t like giving out my password, for security reasons.

Me: You know that we are who we say we are because you called us.

EU: Yes, but I still don’t like to give it out, for security.

Me: …For security reasons, you don’t want to confirm your internet password to an agent from your internet service provider, even though I am currently looking at your password on your account, and have direct control over your account functions regardless of you confirming that you know it also.

EU: Yes, that’s right.

Me: Even though you had no issue about giving me all of your credit card, personal, and address details.

EU: Yes.

Me: …Have a good day.