Are you kidding me?!

User: Hey! Is something going on with the time clock it’s like so slow!

Me: What do you mean? Does it respond?

User: Yes, it worked but it so slow! (no that’s not a typo)

Me: Oh ok, so do you know if anyone else is having a problem?

User: Yea, Rhonda said it’s so slow for her too. What’s going on?!

Me: Weird, let me log in on my PC and see what happens.

User: I already punched out, see you later I gotta go!

Me: …. are you f**king kidding me? (The timeclock loads fine.)

Every day that passes I am more and more likely to answer the phone like this, “IT what’s your ticket number?”

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Time Machine

My dad works the help desk for the government of the state we live in. He sent me this text message today and/r/funny suggested I post it here.

Hope it’s not the state I live in still using floppies…or dumb users. WTH is with the terrible text message colors? -Scott

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