Trolling: Dual Monitor Style

It seems that this dual monitors such an odd concept for people to grasp.  But, here we go again… – Rob

User: “My friend isn’t receiving my emails. Could it be because I have dual monitors and she doesn’t?”

Me: “Yes. That’s exactly the problem. Once she adds another monitor she’ll be able to read your emails just fine.”

I didn’t tell her I was joking until 2 days later, and her friend had already begun researching the purchase of another monitor but couldn’t figure out how she’d get the second cable into the one video card.

via: [Spiceworks Community]

Slow Cox

I hate it when my Cox is slow too. Oh, by the way the Starter Package is only 1mbps service. You’ll have to pay for a bigger Cox…I mean faster Cox. Maybe ask someone that is more experienced with Cox.

Yes, I went there. Immature, I know.

WTF (Wireless Total Fail)

Okay, it’s mid week.  A teacher walks into the IT office explaining that she “cannot log onto her laptop, but other teachers can”.  As I approached the laptop I could see what the problem was straight away, the wifi button on the front (a manual switch, by the way) was set to OFF.

After flicking it to ON, hey presto, she logs in without any problems. About half an hour later I’m summoned to the same teachers classroom.  Again she explains that she cannot logon. I look down and sure enough the WiFi BUTTON HAS BEEN TURNED OFF (AGAIN!) After explaining to her (for the second time) that she MUST make sure that the WiFi switch is always ON – she vehemently responds with “I definitely checked the switch and it was set to ON…it must be a problem with the laptop.”

How the HELL does a MANUAL switch jump from ON to OFF on its own?! And how is it a FAULT with the laptop?

Have you tried turning it on and leaving it on? -Scott

Image via: [DaGoaty]