Apple stores really should have drive-thrus [news]

On January 13th, an elderly person drove their Lincoln Town Car right into the Lincoln Park, Chicago Apple store.  No “geniuses” were hurt in the making of this awesome news story.

“The dark-colored sedan drove through the glass walls and made it about four or five feet inside, where it seemed to turn and rested near display cases holding headphones and other accessories, according to witnesses.” -Chicago Tribune

CT Apple00237.JPG

No word on whether the driver was forced to buy a 64GB iPad 3 so they could play Words with Friends or if they had to wait while all the “good looking youngsters” were served first.  Insert Obligatory Apple Maps joke here.

Picture and story via: [Chicago Tribune]





You’re not plugging anything else in: The Kingston Predator 1TB USB Flash Drive

I’m not sure if this is a win or a fail, but holy cripes, that’s an effing HUGE USB drive (no “that’s what she said” jokes).

My recommendation?  Order yourself a USB 3.0 cable extension.

I usually keep a 16GB USB drive around my neck for easy access, but I would feel like Flavor Flav with one of these.

Here’s the pocket part:

  • Dimensions:
    • without key ring: 2.8346″ x 1.0606″ x 0.8268″ (72mm x 26.94mm x 21mm)
    • with key ring: 3.4854″ x 1.0606″ x 0.8268″ (88.53mm x 26.94mm x 21mm)

…and a couple pics from around the ‘Net showing you how it fits with a non-Sasquatch-sized hand.




Picture Sources: [Pocket Lint and Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]