Wayback Wednesday: Oregon Trail Emulator and more via VirtualApple.org

Got a hankerin’ to play some old school games?

Here’s an emulator that lets you play one of the earlier versions of Oregon Trail (and many others)

You remember right? Hunting deer with an accurately timed spacebar, dying from dysentery…? Good times.

Play by going to Virtual Apple. Note: You don’t have to install the ActiveGS plugin, just choose the Java version. However, the game looks a better with ActiveGS (it will prompt you to install).

I have to say, I don’t have the patience like I used to – I got to the point where I had to buy my equipment, and then got pretty bored (times have changed, eh?).

Your safety is of no concern to me, btw, is that edit complete?

From our friends at Clients from Hell:

Client: (texting me at 7:30 AM) I need the other company’s logo in a watermark on the third page of the documentation and in the presentation, with a red outline instead of blue. Just the circle part of the logo, not the words. Their representative will be here in fifteen minutes.

Me: Absolutely—could you email me a copy of their logo, and I’ll do that in thirty minutes, when I get to my computer?

Client: When are you planning on getting to your computer?

Me: It’s snowing, and I’m about 25 miles out in rush hour traffic, so it should take me about thirty minutes.

The client emails me four different versions of the company’s logo, all miniscule jpgs, as I’m still driving to my office.

Client: You can do this on your iPhone.

Me: I’m in traffic, and it is snowing.

Client: Don’t worry, you can look on their website for more logos.

via: [Clients From Hell]

IE 10 Sucks Less and Microsoft wants you admit it

Microsoft is taking aim at all of us IE “haters” with a new ad, touting that they are making progress at sucking less.

Follow the adventure of an Internet troll as he is slowly convinced that maybe IE isn’t that bad after all.

How can you hate something that donates an island full of kittens to children, or comes up with a new karaoke web standard?

See the associated website for the marketing campaign for IE 10 here.