Brian Boyko evaluates Windows 8. Spoiler alert: It’s worse than “not good.”

This is a LONG video (around 23 minutes), but it is informative, entertaining and highlights some of the most glaring problems with Windows 8.

There’s a little NSFW language, but I think the subject matter deserves it. Thanks to my friend Marco for posting this on Google Plus!

The thing for me is this: In my experience, Windows is first and foremost a business OS with features tacked-on for home users (and done pretty well with Windows 7). This new version tho’ – – it’s scary to businesses. It’s nothing like the prior 15+ years of Windows; it would take a fair bit of training to get your staff used to it – and we all know how people respond to training and new things.

That’s my beef – what’s yours? Or do you use Windows 8 and like it?

via: [Brian Boyko @ YouTube]

Magic Mouse

I am the keeper of the batteries in the building. Part of my “Technical Director” duties. Boss walks into my office this morning… (context, we each have a wireless mouse with our iMacs):

Boss: My mouse batteries are dead. Do you have any rechargeable ones ready?

Me: Sure, here ya go.

Boss: Thanks. walks out

Five minutes later:

Boss: Are you sure they were charged? My mouse isn’t working right.

Me: How so?

Boss: Everything is backwards.

Me: Huh?

Boss: When I move to the left, the cursor goes right. Same thing in the other direction.

Me: Oscar-worthy straight face Turn it around.

Boss: What?

Me: Turn it around.

Boss: What, the batteries?

Me: No, the mouse.

Boss: blinkblinkpause OOOOOOOOOHHH okay…

Ended up giving her a wired USB mouse and took her wireless mouse to use with my MacBook.

via: [reddit\talesfromtechsupport]