The fail is strong with this one

I had a user complaining that only blank pages came out when she printed. So, I asked her if she had put a new toner cartridge in and she said “Yes”. So, I asked her if she had taken all of the packaging off of the toner. She said “What kind of idiot do you take me for!”. So, as soon as I could get around I stopped by her desk, took out the toner cartridge, pulled the protective strip covering the toner during shipping, placed the toner cartridge back in and had her print. There must have been a miracle that day because the printer started working again.

Along the same lines, I had another user at a different place, complain to me that nothing came out when she printed and that she did everything that she could think of. Since I was in person at the moment I pulled out the paper tray and told her “load some paper and lets test it again”. Sometimes I’m full of miracles….

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Website design hell: “It’s hot and spicy!”

From our friends at Clients from Hell:

Designing a poster advertising a Mexican restaurant’s new meal deal:

Client: That looks good; but I don’t feel like it looks spicy enough.

Me: In what way do you want it to be spicier?

Client: I want more herbs and stuff on top of the chicken.

Me: Okay, I’ll need a few more days to re-shoot the product.

Client: You can just draw them on.

Me: I… think it would look more realistic if i just took more photos of the product.

Client: Okay, whatever. Can you also say how hot the product is? We need to get across that it’s hot and spicy.

Me: I can talk to our copywriter about putting something about that in the text.

Client: No, just put some ‘heat lines’ above the chicken, like spicy hot heat lines. Or have a little guy at the side of the chicken going, “It’s hot and spicy!”

Me: That’ll probably take a lot of work. And I think adding some kind of character would clash with the original design.

Client: No, it’ll be so funny! Everyone loves it when you add that stuff in. And have him throw the herbs on and stuff! And can he be like [celebrity]?

Me: Like as in he looks similar to [celebrity]?

Client: No, just get a photo of them and put them in.

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If at first you don’t succeed, FORCE IT.

This morning, I walk into the office to a ticket labeled “Broken Laptop”. Clicking it open, it’s from a manager that is well known in the IT Department here for being technologically illiterate. And even more so, most of the folks he manages are as bad, if not worse than he is. The ticket text is completely blank, so I figure it’s not hugely urgent. Brew my morning cup of coffee, and then swing over to the lab area where he and his employees work.

I find him pacing out in front of one of our smaller labs. He explains that this is a critical issue, as one of his employees can’t work at all. I nod, ask him who, and he points over to the corner of the room. Gerald (not his real name, of course), he says.

As we begin to walk over, he begins to elaborate. Apparently this month, they are doing cross-training between receiving, technical support, booking, shipping, and ordering. So all of these employees will be jumping from workstation to workstation. Something slowly begins to tick away in the back of my head. That something is very wrong in paradise.

Now, this warrants a little backstory. At my place of employment, we use Dell Laptops exclusively. Each laptop has a monitor, keyboard, and mouse (on occasion a USB Hub or set of Speakers as well) hooked up to a docking station. We primarily use Latitude E6400’s and up, so for the most part all of our laptops use the same docking station. However, there are a few cases where they do not. For example, the folks in shipping use Latitude D630’s. One of our older employees in Booking uses a Vostro.

As I walk over to the machine, around the corner and up the slight incline, I can already see the issue. But, hearing it from this manager’s mouth just really put the icing on the cake.

“When Gerald came in today to work in Booking, his laptop wouldn’t fit on the docking station. I figured it was just weird, like there was a piece of plastic in the way or something.”

Continuing to walk forward with this explanation, the laptop is indeed on the docking station. A Vostro. On a D630 Docking Station.

“So, I figured a little elbow grease would do the trick, right? Got over there, and pushed. It was a tough little sucker, but it finally went on! But now the monitor won’t light up. I have no idea what’s wrong.”

I pick up the entire unit, laptop and docking station, removing the wires from the dock. The laptop is skewed from the back of the dock at about a 10 degree angle. There is a faint rattling sound as I lift the machine into the air. And the machine really, really is not coming off of the dock.

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Picture Source: [Jeff Sandquist (CC)]