Facebook update: “JUST GOT PULLED OVER LOLZ”

As reported by Fox news via Der Spiegel, a driver in Germany was pulled over for speeding and the police discovered the guy may have a bad habit of being distracted while driving.

The guy had a laptop PC, printer, a couple cell phones, a GPS and a power inverter to provide the juice for the setup.  To be honest, I’d bet the guy was some kind of wardriver.  Side note:  I’m not surprised if I see this kind of thing on I-90 while going in/out of Chicago.

What was he charged?  118 Euro (~$120) for speeding on the AUTOBAHN – i.e. going 130kph in a 100kph zone (roughly 81mph in a 62mph zone).  I dunno, just telling people that you got busted for speeding on the Autobahn is kinda cool tho, so there’s that.

There was NO EVIDENCE he was using the equipment while driving, so he didn’t get charged for that…seriously?  Check his Facebook account.

Not shown: the Canon ImageRunner Copier/Scan/Fax machine in the back seat(!)

Picture Source [Der Spiegel]

Don’t use all my Wi-Fi!

So I went to a family gathering today and had myself a standard time chatting and such. While I was talking to one of my cousins (lets call her Kate), I asked if I could see her iPhone so i could check if iMessage was down for just me or if it was an issue on Apple’s side.

Her response: “You can’t see it . I dont want you to use all my Wi-Fi.”

“Kate, do you mean cellular data? Wi-Fi is almost always unlimited…”

“No. I mean the Wi-Fi. seriously, you can be so dumb sometimes.” and she walks off…

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

Picture Source [pheaber (CC)]