This explains why she was confused when ordering her iPhone…

Scenario – supporting large Insurance company handling password reset for windows and mainframe systems. A user needed a mainframe password reset and the auto-generated password emailed to her was a random string of characters.

She called back unable to login because she could not figure out how to input an “upside-down exclamation mark”

After muting the phone and sharing the story with my team I returned to the call and suggested she use a lower-case “i”.

She was then able to login.

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Webmaster inbox level = Mom

Where I work, we spent about 3-4 years (before I joined) as a startup in wild west mode. There was no IT, there was no rules, you just did whatever as long as it worked and the company stayed afloat.

Since I came along (and a few others behind me) we’ve managed to squash a lot of the cowboy shoot-from-the-hip decisions certain users were making.

One thing though, that we have never really been able to truly squash, is the webmaster@ inbox.

Everyone signed that thing up for every goddamned notification ever. including blog comments on every customer’s site. Its a f@#king mess. Anytime you actually need it, it will nearly crash your computer just trying to connect.

We’ve been trying to convince our CEO to let us archive it, and start at a clean slate so we can begin tackling every email that comes in to unsubscribe the webmaster@ email from everything.

CEO keeps saying, “It’s not that bad, we don’t need to do that yet, there aren’t THAT many emails in there. I could manage it still at this point!”

This morning we hit a milestone, and I am hoping we can convince him that it is time for drastic measures.

Picture of our milestone (99,999 items!) <–edit, Rob :) :

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