Pro Tip: As an AV company, try not to flag your own software as malware

Sophos had a little issue this week.

After a typical update – since AV products update frequently – update, their AV was then detecting various updater agents (like the one that Sophos uses) as malware, called “Shh/Updater-B” and was quarantining or deleting those components, rendering Sophos completely without updating capabilities (ya know, so it could update itself with an updated fix for the broken fix?).  Read the blog post here.

Of course, Sophos isn’t the only one that has done something like this – It seems that McAfee has had more than their share of screw-ups that did way more than disable their own software…

Fail can occur anywhere at any time, people!

Source: [TheNextWeb]

A Man Named Henry

I met a guy named Henry while I was working today. I was 1/3 techs onsite (It was a Polo Ralph Lauren store), Henry was one of them. He’s semi-bald, in his 40′s, and he’s pretty rad. We upgraded their server system and replaced 6 point of sale systems (a receipt printer, barcode reader, monitor, computer, and register drawer). I say Henry was pretty rad because he was talking to himself the whole time, and didn’t stop even if you were trying to talk to him. He also kept randomly whistling one note over and over.

He was cool, though. Henry worked faster than me and the other tech combined, and still had the time to pack up about 50 large boxes for recycling. After we were done, we needed a ride to a Perkins restaurant down the street. Henry was the only way to get there at that point, unless we wanted to walk 10 miles. As we approached Henry’s car, we both looked at each other in wonderment.

Henry’s car was basically the definition of “OH NO”, piled with “WHAT THE F@#K!?”. He had a car battery on the floor powering a huge HP printer, a laptop, and a GPS module (There was probably more, but f@#k me if I was even going to try looking). So, me and the other tech sat on a board the entire ride, a @#$!% wooden board. I can not forget the state of this man’s car, it was utterly amazing. You couldn’t see ANY of the original interior due to the amount of filth and junk he had crusted onto it.

It was a good day.

-I had to censor this a bit (but I would probably say the same thing) -Rob

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The best kind of cookies to clean up

So we get a help desk ticket with just that. No details, of course, just that it doesn’t work.

I like working on printers so I went down to investigate. Upon arriving the person who opened the ticket is not at her desk. Her office mate tells me “She tricked you. There’s nothing wrong with the printer. But she wanted you to come down and grab the homemade cookies she made for you guys.”

I closed the ticket: “Removed cookies from printer. Printer appears to be working fine now.”

And yes, the cookies are delicious. She even surrounded them with M&Ms.

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Picture Source: [Colorado State Library (CC)]