Wayback Wednesday: Sinclair ZX80 (1980)

You know, what really does it for me is the JVC television it is hooked to.  It makes this thing look like it is right out of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Is that…an external memory pack?

In any case – I would totally use this today if I could.

Firmware: 3.25 MHz NEC 780-C CPU (copy of Zilog Z80A CPU)
4K ROM, 1K RAM (externally expandable to 16K)
Display: 24 lines x 32 character text display
Monochrome only
Sound: None
I/O: Z80 bus, 250 baud cassette interface, RF television out
Storage: External cassette recorder

via: [ComputingHistory.org.uk]

Specs: [Planet Sinclair]