Our second post from the Daily WTF today (with permission), an email with 1,677 addresses in the ‘TO:’ field.

This could so totally be a political BS email from one of my parents…

via: [TheDailyWTF]


  1. 1677 addresses? That’s nothing. Some idiot in my last workplace managed to send an e-mail to the entire organisation by individually entering all the addresses from the global address book. Twelve thousand staff plus contractors and department addresses. Then about 20 genius employees hit Reply To All, asking to be removed from the mailing list… then the Exchange server went offline.

  2. We had one employee that wanted to have all his e-mails printed on paper, because, as he said, “you can’t rely on computers”, and he “wanted to see which others had received the message”. Often the recipient list was larger than the message itself. But the one that took the price was an e-mail addressed to the whole company, 18000 employees. He emptied every tray oft the high-volume printer. The message? – Please go to our website to see our updated catalog…

  3. It’s not really fun until you send something like that to someone with a virus that scans through their inbox looking for addresses to send itself to. Which will infect several more people, whose computers will do the same. The expansion is geometric – day one, you get one copy of the virus, day two you get three or four, day three you ge a dozen or more. It went over a week of 120+ copies of the virus every day before enough clue bats were applied.

  4. I was stationed on a carrier, nearly 5000 personel on board. There is a distro to send an email to everyone on board, typically reserved for someone like the captain to distribute messages through the crew. Well some jackass decided to use that group, and then expand it to modify a few recipients for some religious spam that he liked lol. Well being well rounded men of god several others forwarded it along as well. DOS’ed our exchange servers trying to disseminate all those addresses while simultaneously trying to antivirus scan the 20+ image attachments in each email (it was originally a power point) It was hilarious that such a well intentioned act became such a huge hassle.