Thursday, July 27, 2017
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Brown Friday Deals

Those deals that are just "too good to be true" which usually means someone is selling a piece of junk with a big bow on it. Look for Craigslist deals, ancient ads for obsolete and long-forgotten hardware, or crazy classifieds by ignorant sellers. We try to have a good one every Friday for our readers...ya know, so you can get it for the weekend... ;)

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Something you might actually want! via:

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Wait, what's the price and what is Windows Edition 7 Vista Home premium? via:

Brown Friday: You can get a warranty with this one!

This one is a 266Mhz VINTAGE laptop - it has been marked down from $249 to $211, and LOOK!  You can add a warranty starting at $54.99!

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

I would like to play a game. It's called "that computer is clearly not running Windows 7"

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Don't believe it, I'm pretty sure he just wants you to take out his garbage.

Brown Friday: Deal of the week.

Who's down for a round of Oregon Trail? Oh, you all have dysentery? Maybe next time. via:

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

This was a crappy deal when he bought it two years ago. via:

Brown Friday: Flash Back

Just found a couple of these games on craigslist. Might be one of the first things I've found worth buying on CL. via:

Brown Friday Deal: Used and in GREAT condition!

Up for sale today is via Ebay (and reader submitted)! These discs were quite ubiquitous in the 90's, but come to think of it, they might be pretty rare these days, right? ... $45 for an AOL CD — a used one no less. Unfortunately, the "vintage" label...

Brown Friday: Deal of the week!

This week's Brown Friday Deal is brought to you via a user submission. Someone knows a deal when they see it! Not only is this guy way off on the price but is asking an extra $100 to install Windows XP on it! $100 extra...