Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Brown Friday Deals

Those deals that are just "too good to be true" which usually means someone is selling a piece of junk with a big bow on it. Look for Craigslist deals, ancient ads for obsolete and long-forgotten hardware, or crazy classifieds by ignorant sellers. We try to have a good one every Friday for our readers...ya know, so you can get it for the weekend... ;)

Brown Friday: Deal of the week!

This week's Brown Friday Deal is brought to you via a user submission. Someone knows a deal when they see it! Not only is this guy way off on the price but is asking an extra $100 to install Windows XP on it! $100 extra...

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

So it has like 3gb of ddr3 RAM...I'm calling it BS, it's worth at least $400.

Brown Friday: Special Edition

Oh yes it's Brown Friday and today's is a service special. My buddy "Bo" here will fix up your PC, Mac, even your Android phone. You'll have to bring it to him, apparently at his grandmother's house.    

Brown Friday: Deal of the week!

Here's a nice Dell Dimension for you, after all it's *next to new*. You can tell by the Designed for Windows XP sticker on the front... via:

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

What gets my about some of these is how they are valued. I'm sure this is a great machine, I could even see asking for $50 after all it's a working computer. Look at towards the end, an extra $25 for the monitor, keyboard,...

Brown Friday: Deal of the week

Seriously, you can't make crap like this up. There is no image with this one but imagine a laptop from around late 2007 or early 2008. via:

Brown Friday: User submission!

Here is your Brown Friday deal. This one comes from a user who knows an awesome Craigslist deal when he (or she) sees it! You see how they try to spin it as "vintage", nice try seller. Thanks Fieldgeek for this great find! This guy wants...

Brown Friday: Extra special this week!

This Brown Friday deal isn't your typical travesty. Today's deal is actually kind of cool, it's a Toshiba T1000 laptop. This baby is from the mid to late 80's. How fast is this bad boy? 4.77Mhz with 512KB of RAM. Someone with a serious collection might...

It’s Brown Friday! Here’s your deal.

I was pretty surprised to see this. Its possible that someone would want it for a collection but this looks like a serious seller. I am selling a genuine disc of Microsoft Windows NT Workstation. Service Pack 4 Comes with the basics and installation manual with...

Brown Friday Deal

Here it is folks, your Brown Friday Deal of the week. This one is pretty sweet! For sale is a HP desktop w/ all extras.... including a Wifi router and wifi connection for the desktop. Everything you need! Includes printer, monitor, CPU, mouse and keyboard....