Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Brown Friday Deals

Those deals that are just "too good to be true" which usually means someone is selling a piece of junk with a big bow on it. Look for Craigslist deals, ancient ads for obsolete and long-forgotten hardware, or crazy classifieds by ignorant sellers. We try to have a good one every Friday for our readers...ya know, so you can get it for the weekend... ;)

Real Steal

This guys is practically giving this machine away, which ironically he should do. It does have 512MB RAM and can play just about any game...from 2003. Click the image to read the text. I bet this baby is gone already. via: Here's the text (complete...

World of Diablocraft?

Sometimes I like to glance at craigslist and see what computer parts are for sale. It never fails you find a couple gems like these. First, this isn't even World of Warcraft, it's the Diablo Battle Chest. Second, you can buy this for $20 retail. This...