Monday, May 29, 2023

From The Field

Submissions from our fearless field technicians distributed throughout the world. We are here for you.

The Internet Argument Keyboard

I came across this at a local surplus store the other day. In retrospect, I wish I'd bought it. -Hey, a big-ass caps-lock key AND...

Nothing personal…

More recruiter spam, but this time the recruiter doesn't want to be burdened with the formality of names. via:  

IT Achievements unlocked! [IT Fun!]

With extra special thanks to EvilRouters for permission to re-publish these. If you've ever played any games via the Steam network, you know what these...

When In Doubt, Delete A Windows Service. (NOT!) [pic]

What's the worst that can happen, I mean not everyone needs to print, right? Right? via:

User Break Things So We Have Something To Do

I work in a school district going from school to school doing all sorts of calls, from computers to printers even projectors. Today I...

To Kill A Server: The Time-Bomb Email [story]

I used to work at a university, doing general IT-stuff, such as cleaning out data, shouting at people to clean out their personal account,...

Active Desktops: Wait, do people actually use this?

If so, what do your users use it for?  Anything intentional? via:

Not Really Broken: Poorly Explained Problem [story]

My team runs the IP Phone network for our company. I once got a call from a user telling me they could not answer...

Coding SNAFU: That’s one way to display an apostrophe

Hmm.  I think I used a trick something like this when I had to write a paper that had to be 2 pages long...

SHEEIT, you’d better restart Visual Studio, I reckon.

From one of my favorite programmer fail sites, The Daily WTF (republished with permission): "We have some notoriously bad code in our project," wrote Robby...