Monday, January 22, 2018
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Submissions from our fearless field technicians distributed throughout the world. We are here for you.

Freed Willy

A customer brought in their laptop that they had shoved two discs in at once. After taking apart the computer and then the disc drive, I had to laugh. I had just Freed Willy.

Buck: passed.

Years ago, I deployed to Kuwait with a rather large unit. While there, I was given the additional duty of IMO, or Information Management Officer, in my section. It was kind of a neat job, we would try to solve IT problems at the...

There’s no shortage of facepalms in IT

This one is from my co-worker who used to work in the movie industry: Big movie exec gets new PDA. Next day, IT gets the livid call, "My PDA is broke!" Upon examination, the PDA's battery is ran down. When the exec is asked to...

From The Field: My Week In Achievements [pic]

Thanks to the subby - we LOVE IT achievements!  Keep 'em coming, everyone!

From the Drawers of the FailDesk: February 3rd Edition

Full service-IT Dear Systems I have 2003 on my laptop and am therefore unable to open homework that students are sending me or trying to open with their usb sticks. Can I be updated easily? Reply : Hi, yes you can be updated easily ! Bring yourself and your laptop...

Sleazy Canned Air

I used to work at an ISP, and we sold this canned air to walk-ins... Being a tech, I usually didn't pay attention. One day I actually noticed the picture, and I swear, that computer looks like he's having way too much fun. That computer...

FlyBoy Fail

At the time I worked for one of the DOD branches as a Network Engineer, and as such you meet  different levels of intelligence. One day, I was tasked with cleaning out some of the old cabling at one of the hangers on the flight...

Color blind

I got a call from our facility librarian who informed me she needed a new hose. I informed her that I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, and she reiterated that she needed a new hose. I asked, "Jody - you are aware that you...

Oh Really?

I am an external IT Consultant and I had a client recently call me and get irate because I had not responded to his 'critical' email that he had sent about some problems they were having. After letting him vent his frustration for a few...

White Out

Thank you Mark for this great picture from the field. Seems like printers are in the spotlight a lot recently.