Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

User Hardware: Barf Worthy Mouse [pic]

Reddit and lunch time don't mix.via:

Fail tech level: advanced

Here's one to appeal to our Linux readers... - RobSo, inspired by the "facepalm" thread (on the Spiceworks forums), I thought I would chime...

Cable Management Is An Art Form [pic]

Unfortunately a lot of us are left with crap like this.

Oldie: Best Buy sells fake iPad. “Whoops.”

This is a bit old, but still relevant - this is on the heels of our (near) customer fraud story from the other day...(thanks...

Can I ask You A Computer Question? [story]

I was at a party when a client’s business partner approached me.  Client: Hey, tells me you could answer a computer question for me. Me: Depends. What’s the question? Client: My...

But, did he get the glasses with it?

I just started a new job doing IT at a university. A faculty member needed a new monitor and my boss quoted him a...

Printer Vs. Fork Truck [pic]

This was a Zebra label printer in another life.

Webmaster inbox level = Mom

Where I work, we spent about 3-4 years (before I joined) as a startup in wild west mode. There was no IT, there was...

Trial by threat of fire

From the Daily WTF:For a Ramen-fueled college student, a job offer that actually involves doing the work you're in school to learn and has...

Oh hey, on your way out, can I have the root password please?

This story takes place while I was a consultant working for a firm out of Texas. For this gig I was sent to a...