Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Just because you’re in IT doesn’t mean you know IT

Background: I work on the support desk for a niche, business-only ISP. Our broadband products are expensive because you get direct support to people...

A bridge too far

Republished with permission from The Daily WTF: “We’ve invested quite a bit of money in our new network,” the bureaucrat said. His desk was tiny...

Surely your outage has nothing to do with you unplugging equipment you don’t understand…

First off I will say that I work for a very large retail corporation who makes billions annually and has a very large IT...

I scoff at your “warm boot.”

A couple years back, our workplace was converting some offices into clinic space.  As such, a major demolition had to occur on the same...

User Hardware: Barf Worthy Mouse [pic]

Reddit and lunch time don't mix. via:

Wired presents: 7 Videos Of A Sysadmin’s Worst Nightmares

Found this some time ago... via Wired.com. I have to say, these are definitely the stuff of nightmares as a sysadmin - heck, we had water...

RAID Failure [story]

    "The rent must be cheap," Alex mused as he pulled into the muddy field that served as a parking lot. He guided his car...