Monday, August 26, 2019

Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

“I Guess I Didn’t Need Your Fancy Tech Support After All” [story]

From our friends at TECH SUPPORT Over the phone:Client: “I’ve put the DVD in my computer but it won’t recognize it in Windows Media Player.  Normally it works without any problems.”Me: “Your computer has two drives and only one of them can read DVDs. ...

Too Many Bugs In This System [pic]

Random thought...I just had flashbacks to playing this game when I was young on our Tandy 1000...:via:

Found The Guy That Works On Internet Explorer! [video]

This came to us via email submission. Claudio J. CHIABAI has a sharp eye for spotting crappy code!______________________________________________________________________[youtube] 

Well, That’s A Dirty PC… [video]

...of course, everyone will invariably respond with "You haven't seen anything yet," or "What - you've never worked in a warehouse that makes x," or "stop hacking into my webcam, you big creep!" - er, so I say unto you:  Videos or pics, please!I...

Ummm…Grandpa What Are You Doing? [pic]

Makes visits a little more awkward!via:

Always Getting The Blame

Client: “My site is down. What did you do?” Me: “Well, I haven’t done anything in a while. Can you get to Client: “No. Why did you take Google down too?”via:

You Broke The Internet [story]

CLIENT: "… Also, on this page when you click on a link, it breaks the web"ME: “Sorry, which part does it break?"CLIENT: “It breaks the WHOLE WEB!"ME: “Do you mean it breaks that page, or the whole website shows an error page?"CLIENT: “No, I...