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Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

A bridge too far

Republished with permission from The Daily WTF: “We’ve invested quite a bit of money in our new network,” the bureaucrat said. His desk was tiny and so cheap that it sagged under the weight of the CRT and tower resting on it. “That’s why it’s...

User Hardware: Barf Worthy Mouse [pic]

Reddit and lunch time don't mix. via:

Oh hey, on your way out, can I have the root password please?

This story takes place while I was a consultant working for a firm out of Texas. For this gig I was sent to a training facility to be their SysAdmin. I arrive on site at the correct time, and am let into the building. The...

You underestimate the power of pissed off Union workers

About 12 years ago I worked for a shipping company as sysadmin.  As such, it was my responsibility to make suggestions on how to protect, improve, etc. all IT equipment. We were coming up on labor union contract talks and I had given the C-level...

Puke worthy

Those are bottle of urine, can you imagine the smell of that room. via:

The touch of death

I work in a medical facility where we run a few procedure rooms for operations, etc.  The PCs in the room are outfitted with a large 40" medical grade LCD screen for viewing high-resolution diagnostic images and/or X-Rays. At the time of this story, the...

Wired presents: 7 Videos Of A Sysadmin’s Worst Nightmares

Found this some time ago... via I have to say, these are definitely the stuff of nightmares as a sysadmin - heck, we had water dripping on a few servers a couple years back, and THAT was disastrous enough! [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]   via:

Almost as bad as Symantec


Surely your outage has nothing to do with you unplugging equipment you don’t understand…

First off I will say that I work for a very large retail corporation who makes billions annually and has a very large IT department but only a handful work on the actual Network side of things. I'm in the Network category, all 25...

Webmaster inbox level = Mom

Where I work, we spent about 3-4 years (before I joined) as a startup in wild west mode. There was no IT, there was no rules, you just did whatever as long as it worked and the company stayed afloat. Since I came along (and...