Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Simply Disastrous

Simple fixes or changes can cause completely catastrophic results.

Kind of like a landmine, only the fallout’s more expensive

Republished with permission from our friends at the Daily WTF: He was greeted at reception by Manny, one of the upper-level directors. He got the...

Finally Upgraded To A Solid State Drive [pic]

It's smoking fast! via:

Pro Tip: As an AV company, try not to flag your own software as...

Sophos had a little issue this week. After a typical update - since AV products update frequently - update, their AV was then detecting various...

Warranty Repair? [pic]

The article says it even still booted! via:

Pranks have little room in IT

Hmmm ... had to be back in my programming days when I would receive data tapes (from hospitals) and had to offload all the...

You could have more

I don't see the Ask toolbar anywhere. via:

Web Design You’ll Hate [pic]


Improvised Hard Drive Mount [pic]

Really? I unwrap most thing prior to use. via:

The touch of death

I work in a medical facility where we run a few procedure rooms for operations, etc.  The PCs in the room are outfitted with...

Being punted in the groin by irony

So, we've been dealing with an uptick in outages lately.  We've had a few severe storms roll through our area, and subsequently, have experienced...