Sunday, May 29, 2022
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In all Seriousness

Sometimes we need to post something that isn’t so funny – here’s where they go.

Mom, Did You Pay The AOL Bill? [story]

Turns out people are still paying to use AOL, 2.3 million people. These subscriptions add up to $143 million of income for AOL. I'm just...

Facebook & Wish Make Interesting Advertisements [pic]

Guess I need new meth pipes? Is two bucks even a good price?

Who’s seen this movie?

Triumph of the Nerds Is the graphic taken out of context? I've not seen the movie but I think it might have to check it...

Buzz words

I have it when someone just spouts of random terms to seem smart. via:

What is Microsoft trying to say?


Apologies from Rob

Hey FailDeskers, I wanted to apologize for the sparse quantity of posts lately.  I had (not me personally) a family medical emergency that had...

Life of IT professionals

This about sums up my days. Well, I don't bring my laptop to the bathroom. via:

Don’t Close The Server [pic]

Maybe put that somewhere less accessible?

Getting To The Crux Of The Matter [pic]

One of the better Reddit comments I've seen. via: