Sunday, December 9, 2018

The IT Crowd: Foreign language frustration

We all have run into something similar...[youtube]

Someone Needs To Demote This Guy [pic]

According to redditor Kerberos42 this is the IT managers desktop.

This happens everyday.

I'm not even joking, this kind of stuff is said to me everyday.via:

Don’t Fumble The Toner! [pic]

Oh man, toner spills are the worst.

Geek Got Swag: Doug “the Tech Geek” battles rapper

Ha!  This is from the iPhone game "Battle Rap Stars.""Flows so cold they freeze like PCs."[youtube]

I would love to do this at our office

I walk by so many unlocked, unattended computers everyday. It makes me mad considering every employee gets an IT orientation where I explain the importance of locking your computer. Jerks.via:

Scumbag Word [pic]


Slow Internet [comic]


Senior Tech: Passive aggressive behavior for the texting age

Texting for the senior generation: A new way to be passive aggressive! Ha![youtube]via: