Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Real Steal

This guys is practically giving this machine away, which ironically he should do. It does have 512MB RAM and can play just about any game...from 2003.Click the image to read the text. I bet this baby is gone already. via:Here's the text (complete...

That’s A Long DHCP Lease [pic]

Most be using a Novell box for this.

I didn’t…realize the ‘TO’ field could hold that many names – and work.

Our second post from the Daily WTF today (with permission), an email with 1,677 addresses in the 'TO:' field.This could so totally be a political BS email from one of my parents...via:

Into the Twittersphere! (video)

An oldie, but so true...back when Twitter was filled with a bunch of people posting updates about their lunch and...oh, wait.Thanks Supernews![youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN2HAroA12w&w=599&h=449]via:

Throw Back Thursday [pic]

Getting all the old workstations staged for recycling and found this guy. Business owner won't let me throw it away.