Friday, May 14, 2021
Acronis True Image 2020
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Geeky Pics

Single shots of amazing and/or appalling IT-related stuff. This could be messy network closets, comics, signs, etc.

That must have been one seriously compressed file

At times I can be a bit lazy when transferring stuff from one computer to another;  This remote control software works just fine transferring...

Classic: Grab Some Floppies! [pic]

I had no idea this was on until today...thanks to Dr. Martner (my instructor in my PowerShell class)...OH! By the way, you'll need...

The new Apple earbud mini is here!

Just in time for Christmas! via:  

Unsolicited Non-Spammy Spam [pic]

We all get them, emails that aren't technically spam, they're just unsolicited sales-y emails that we don't respond to and usually ignore.  The automated...
Thin Client to Printer

User With Network Issues [pic]

User reported they were getting a network issues message - tech asked them to check the cables but the issue persisted. When the tech...

MAC Gaming [pic]