Sunday, June 16, 2019
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Geeky Pics

Single shots of amazing and/or appalling IT-related stuff. This could be messy network closets, comics, signs, etc.

The Two Towers – Of IT [pic]

This backup plan reminds me of the good ol' sneakernet. Hey, who took the weekend backup home?via:

Descriptive System Message [pic]

Glad we sorted these details out.via:

It could Use A Couple More Zip Ties [pic]

If you do this, everyone hates you.

Can I Get The Updated Version Of Qjgjbwja? [pic]

Nothing like some malware to make your Friday interesting. 

Don’t worry, we won’t freakin’ call you: Advertising WIN

Dear marketing person: Thank you.Dear all other marketing people: As an IT professional, I want to see more ads like this.



Slow Internet [comic]