Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Geeky Pics

Single shots of amazing and/or appalling IT-related stuff. This could be messy network closets, comics, signs, etc.

Faildesk Achievement: Beat the clock

This one I experienced only an hour ago, but I've dealt with it before...not cool.

Family Members Just Don’t Understand [rage comic]

Really, it's for their own good. Its a little hard to read but well worth the squinting. via Featured Photo

FailDesk Achievement: They Call Me The Pretender [pic]

 Hurry up and fix it before someone notices you broke it!

Passwords Are Like…[pic]


404 Not Found

IT humor is my life and here is a good example of the type of humor that warms my heart.*wipes tear from corner of eye* via


They are certainly using the FAT filesystem, hmm?