Monday, August 26, 2019

I can't do my job because of this

When things get too far, the tech assigned to the case just can’t do anything more to prevent the downward spiral of the user.

My drive is making a funny noise.

Is this bad? I mean, can you recover my photos?via:

Screw the return policy!

I was doing phone computer tech support out of college.  This really nice man calls in from Texas who added a secondary hard drive to his system.  Apparently, it would not mount the volume.  I assumed things like cabling, jumper or an unformatted volume...

Surprisingly Common Question [pic]

PC or Mac it's more common than it should be.via:

A doctor by any other name…

NOTE: The names have been changed to protect the uber-guilty   Co-worker: "Hi, thanks for calling the Helpdesk.  May I start with your first and last name, please?" Caller: "Hi, my name is Doctor Anna Schneider." Co-Worker: "Okay, Doctor Schneider.  When you call in, you need to press...

Crappy signal



Hey there; Long-time reader, first-time submitter. About 4 years of helpdesk experience while doing secondary and now tertiary studies.I work at a small ISP in Australia. It is SOP to confirm usernames and passwords of end users when they call in. Today's Saturday though,...

AOL was made for her

I worked for AOL providing tech support back when they were just starting to grow (95) . I had a prospective member call in to tell me that she could not get the software to install.I walked her through inserting the disk and then...

Overachieving Windows 7 Updates [pic]

"Your PC will restart several times"via

I remember days like this.

It happens.via: