Monday, May 29, 2023
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Let us do our job

Maybe HR shouldn’t hire developers?

From the Daily WTF: "At my company, the powers-that-be determined that, because we rejected a lot of job candidates, my group was ineffective at hiring...

Slow and steady wins the race?

Republished with permission from the Daily WTF: A few kilometers left on Ruta Nacional 128, a brief stop at a control policial, a short trip...

No dialup service provided for free? “This will change.”

One man show here. I support a smallish company headquartered in the south. By many measures a very basic operation, and that's on purpose....

These seem like legitimate requests

Don't you agree? I always know what users most important files are. via:

Have You Tried Turning It On? [pic]

We feel your pain - I once had to walk across the campus to push the power button for a surgeon because "he didn't...