Saturday, September 21, 2019

Trying too hard

Recorded records. He has no hard drive or mastery of English?via:

Developers vs. Users

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The Google Prayer

Our Google, who art in ether, Cached be thy name, Thy results will come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Cyberspace Give us this day our daily feed and forgive us our searches as we forgive those who search against us but deliver us from malware For thine is...

FriendFace: It’s like thousands of germs on your face!

Certainly one of my favorite IT Crowd episodes...[vimeo 2652991 w=600 h=329]Click here to join! ;)

Still not working

You can only find gems like this on peer help forums. I hope someone explained that when you turn it off it will still have a black screen.via:

You cannot [Esc]

I support about a dozen and a half retail stores. Our busiest location called on day to inform me that the main computer in their office won't boot, and is making a high pitched screeching sound. The assistant manager imitated a sound that sounded...

Finding files: one part detective work, one part archeology, two parts facepalm

I had a user ask me to assist her in finding a document that she wrote several months prior. She said that she could not find it and needed a copy in order to prove or disprove something related to a customer complaint that...

From the Drawers of the FailDesk : December 23rd Edition

file drawers
If it has a hard drive, it should have it's oil changed, right?At one of my previous jobs, Fridays were usually pretty easy days. If someone had a problem with their home pc, they could bring it in and I'd work on it then....

From Spiceworks: Zombies + Bacon + IT Pros = a good time

This is a quasi-marketing video made by my friends over at Spiceworks (the IT management software & community I use daily for my real job) for Spiceworld 2011. It's somewhat geared toward their users with a few community memes thrown in + the...

Epic Computer Monitor Delivery Fail [Video]