Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I’d like to reformat this guy into someone with more brain cells

In all my years in IT I've never found a way to reformat a drive from one hardware vendor into another.via:

How IT professionals make fun of people

There are days when you get overwhelmed by the questions you are asked. You wonder if some users have even touched a computer before.I introduce to  you the latest in IT helpdesk software...For the unitiated: Know your meme (Derp)

Stupid Active Directory.

Early on in my sys admin days, I was hired into a small "lean" I.T. department, and promptly put in charge of the "near-completed" Novell to A.D. Migration. After a few days, while I was plugging away in the server room, I was approached by...

Internet help desk, some training

Pretty old, but still relevant![youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LLTsSnGWMI&w=600&h=437]

When In Doubt, Delete A Windows Service. (NOT!) [pic]

What's the worst that can happen, I mean not everyone needs to print, right? Right?via:

Grace Under Fire

I was working as a Comcast home networking CSR and often got "irate" callers.A lady calls up and starts yelling as soon as I say hello, complaining about her service not working and she pays good money for her Internet - it should be...

Classic: Medieval help desk

One of my all time favorites...![youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQHX-SjgQvQ&w=600&h=437]

The scoop on Iphones [Pic]

Sometimes you just need a PC to do a Mac's job.