Sunday, July 21, 2019

How IT professionals make fun of people

There are days when you get overwhelmed by the questions you are asked. You wonder if some users have even touched a computer before.I introduce to  you the latest in IT helpdesk software...For the unitiated: Know your meme (Derp)

Stupid Active Directory.

Early on in my sys admin days, I was hired into a small "lean" I.T. department, and promptly put in charge of the "near-completed" Novell to A.D. Migration. After a few days, while I was plugging away in the server room, I was approached by...

Internet help desk, some training

Pretty old, but still relevant![youtube]

When In Doubt, Delete A Windows Service. (NOT!) [pic]

What's the worst that can happen, I mean not everyone needs to print, right? Right?via:

Grace Under Fire

I was working as a Comcast home networking CSR and often got "irate" callers.A lady calls up and starts yelling as soon as I say hello, complaining about her service not working and she pays good money for her Internet - it should be...

Classic: Medieval help desk

One of my all time favorites...![youtube]

The scoop on Iphones [Pic]

Sometimes you just need a PC to do a Mac's job.