Sunday, May 29, 2022
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What Did You Do To This Printer [story]

I work for a large restaurant company and I provide tech support the stores and for the corporate offices; this story involves a store. I...

Everyone Is All Over The NSA…


I need a favor

Someone has to follow me around playing this as I roam the hallways tomorrow. Bring some batteries,  bailing wire, and maybe some goggles. via:

Tech Torture: Exploding CD ROM at 23K RPM

Warning: the high pitched motor is a bit loud/annoying, adjust your speakers/headphones accordingly. If the vid doesn't automatically start at 1:33, then head there...

Choose your future. Choose to sysadmin.

Gotta warn ya: there's some language ahead, but then again, you wanna Sysadmin...scripting will be your first language, cursing will be your second. via:

Aside from email, I think you have other problems…

Typical Monday morning rolls around, you know, the usual forgot password over the weekend calls.  I get a call asking if we are having...

Lunch Anyone?

But can you make a grilled cheese on it? Testing begins today! via:

People Are Jerks, Wally [pic]

There is also a cost for ignorance. $50 in this case. via:

Sharing your favorite song?

90's Style! via:

Help Desk tech loses it

I think this is fairly accurate, don't you? [youtube]