Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happy World Backup Day! [info]

March 31 is World Backup Day! <--- check out their website for some cool facts about data loss and how to get started backing up your data. If you already have a backup plan - YOU'RE FREAKING AWESOME. Today is a good day to check that...

Tim Cook Given Microsoft Surface Pro To Use [pic]

Tim Cook attended a conference and Microsoft was nice enough to give him a Surface Pro 4 to use!

Mildly Infuriating Cisco Web Security UI [pic]

Hey, it says 'inactive,' and it's not checked, let me just check that box to make that user...WTH?! 20 I just wanted to call out Cisco for their bad UX.  This makes little sense.

Mozilla Has A Bug And Needs To Fix This Guy’s Site – STAT [pic] I hope this guy can get his issues resolved - maybe one of our readers can consult with him. In the meantime, thanks for the laugh this morning buddy! via  

Don’t Fumble The Toner! [pic]

Oh man, toner spills are the worst.

FailDesk Wins Netwrix SysAdmin Blog Award For Most Humorous IT Blog [news]

HOLY CRAP! FailDesk won the Netwrix SysAdmin Blog Award for Most Humorous IT Blog! This is seriously the coolest thing to ever happen to FailDesk. I've been telling my wife for years that I'm funny. She never believes me. Now I have indisputable proof. Thank you to...

How IT Techs Gamble [pic]

How often do you take the risk?

Overachieving Windows 7 Updates [pic]

"Your PC will restart several times" via

How To Handle Help Desk Calls [video]

Happy Friday - may your calls be as good as Roy's. [youtube]