Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Crapbook Pro [pic]


Oh, THAT kind of program…

My co-worker, who handles the back-end of our server, asked me to help her with a phone call she received. I asked what it...

There is no Dana.

I used the one when someone called and asked for Scott. No one got it. via:

The Web Site is Down: Sales Demolition

Another gem by our friends at theWebSiteIsDown - again, definitely NSFW. Most definitely AWESOME. Want something awesome but don't like NSFW? Here ya go. [youtube] via:...

Warranty Repair? [pic]

The article says it even still booted! via:

Time Traveler? [pic]


Grace Under Fire

I was working as a Comcast home networking CSR and often got "irate" callers. A lady calls up and starts yelling as soon as I...

C’mon, Let’s Be Honest Here…[pic]

0 know those safety logos on those bags they pack computers and monitors in? I think we all know the real reason they are there...

Workin’ IT Style

It was bound to happen:  If the one-hit wonder known as Psy can get over a billion hits on YouTube with his Gangnam Style...

One Simple Trick To Fix Your Computer [pic]

A survey of IT professionals asked what it’s really like on the other side of the Help Desk. Unsurprisingly, staff and clients are still...