Monday, January 22, 2018

The iPhone 5 – working backwards from iPhone 9

Yep - here's yet another iPhone 5 spoof ad thanks to YouTube. It's extramazinaryutionary, I promise you! [youtube]

Time To Pay For Your Mistakes [pic]

Better buy some bitcoins!  

Pro Tip: As an AV company, try not to flag your own software as malware

Sophos had a little issue this week. After a typical update - since AV products update frequently - update, their AV was then detecting various updater agents (like the one that Sophos uses) as malware, called "Shh/Updater-B" and was quarantining or deleting those components, rendering...

Apple doesn’t get PC viruses

Well, no, I suspect they don't. via:

Wayback Wednesday: Doral cigarettes and computers circa 1971

That computer's insides have to look like CRAP after being around these two.

The worst type of user

My hard drive is really full so I tried to install windows 7 to get the files I really need by trying format the drive repeatedly. via:

Th Real ReasonThe Excel Icon Is An X [pic]

"The real reason why the Microsoft Excel icon is an X instead of an E" via:

Don’t Sit On The Keyboard? [pic]


Have old computers and electronics laying around?

[youtube] via: