Tuesday, January 23, 2018

These seem like legitimate requests

Don't you agree? I always know what users most important files are. via:

An IT Tech Has A Conversation With Their Mom [story]

Click on start. Start. It's on the bottom left corner. On your monitor. Start. Click it. Go to Control Panel. Control Panel. It's in the Start menu. The Start menu. It's what popped up when you hit Start. No, don't hit start again. Ok, hit...

Virus = Very Yes [pic]

One of my all-time favorite "scare me" screens: Source: (updated - homestarrunner.com)

ICYMI: The Future Of Computers, As Seen Via 1969 [video]

It really is quite amazing how accurate this video was... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0pPfyYtiBc]

Phone weight in terms we can all understand.

Soon, this will be the standard measurement for tablets. via:

Have you made sure it’s plugged in?

This morning I get a call from one of my users that goes as follows: User: I need help! My computer is dead! Me: Can you be more specific? What do you mean by "dead"? User: It won't turn on at all. None of the lights are...

Someone likes gaming!

This is a pretty sweet collection. I wonder how many of them work. via:  

What else would you need the internet for?

Sure, sure, iPods and DVDs player are internet capable but... via:

It’s that new PowerPoint Virus.

I just got a frantic tech support call from the bosses wife. She said she opened an email attachment and now she can't close it. She's rebooted the computer twice and it's still there. Immediately i thought it was an virus infected email attachment so...

Bros before Fees

Online bromance. via: