Saturday, July 22, 2017

Girls in Comp Sci…



It cheered me right up today when I opened up an email and saw this Very nice! -Scott

Gives new meaning to cable tie

I wish I'd seen something like this in person. via:

Typing like a VIAA, eh…NPDD – I MEAN ‘BOSS’

See what I did there? Don't get me wrong...this thing looks pretty awesome in a minimalist kinda way, and it would totally do away with the whole problem of your WASD key labels wearing out, but honestly, I think Character Map would become my best...

Win: Cool “3D” Samsung printer vid

Totally some viral marketing here for Samsung, but you have to admit, it's still pretty cool... [youtube]

My Computer Crashed! [pic]

How did they bend it like that? Where are you and what are you doing that crap like this happens? via:

Gamers, severely misunderstood.

He's just trying to further the relationship. via:

…consider the environment, continued on page 2.

There really needs to be an option on every print driver to preview the last page of a printout if it is less than X amount of printable lines...or something... via:

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

"Brought into our support center yesterday. The owner (who shall remain nameless) decided putting it into the oven was the most efficient way of drying it after he'd spilled water on it. This was a college student... I weep for the future.  Amazingly the...