Tuesday, January 23, 2018


PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. ID10T could also be the name of this category. Need we say more?

Ever hear of Drivers?

Hope you can find the drivers...but you won't.

nbeed a nbew keybnoard bnow [pic]

Two keystrokes for the price of one!

Not Really Broken: Poorly Explained Problem [story]

My team runs the IP Phone network for our company. I once got a call from a user telling me they could not answer their phone. I get into the phone system and give their phone a reset. I had them verify that the phone...

Trying to create a black hole

Here is a gem I found while trolling Yahoo Answers. He wants to lock it but without a password.

I love a good one liner…

I spend many hours wondering how these people think their questions will get answered. Here is a great collection of one liners from computing.net

This mouse ran out of gas…

I just had a user come to me with their WIRELESS mouse in their hand and say the following: "My mouse isn't working." Me: Have you tried new batteries? When was the last time you put batteries in it? (baffled look on face of pure surprise) "Batteries?!?!...

Panic Attack

Back away slowly. Not sure how he even got to this point. via:

Keyboard has an ID10T error

One of my users requested that she get a new keyboard, preferably an ergonomic  keyboard. We had one in stock so I replaced her old one and told her to try the new one out. If she liked it she could keep it. Two...

Still not working

You can only find gems like this on peer help forums. I hope someone explained that when you turn it off it will still have a black screen. via: