Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Things that should not be

Pictures of botched network closets, dead animals in server rooms (or servers!), blankets of dust inside of desktop PCs, etc…

Slow Internet [comic]

What the hell am I looking at?

Bust out the dental records…

This looks like it could be some sort of thin client, but...I don't know... Source Unknown

Did this guy NOT have a screwdriver?


Guy builds video game in Excel. In other news, least efficient game designer...

BBC reports that an accountant (of course) named Cary Walkin developed a fantasy turn-based RPG in Excel(!) over the course of 4 months while...

Well, that’s creative

Here's an interesting way to keep dust out of your least they have a "Power Duster" there for backup. via:

Somebody, somewhere, at some point, REALLY thought this was awesome

Did anyone actually use these things? Why does the image of Scotty time-traveling to the 80's keep popping in my head?

I Don’t Like To Admit It – but [pic]

We actually have a server closet with something similar. In our defense, we don't own the building and the previous building engineer left a...

iPhone vs. Treadmill [pic]

Guess who won? via:

Um, no.

Source Unknown