Friday, December 13, 2019
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Things that should not be

Pictures of botched network closets, dead animals in server rooms (or servers!), blankets of dust inside of desktop PCs, etc…

That’s one hot machine!

And not in a good way. I've never encountered RAM that looks like the before.via:

Android: great for streaming… (Japan, wait…Korea!)

Oh Japan Korea,  I am never surprised with you.[youtube]

This USB port gets around

I'll keep it short. Back story: I work as desktop support for a GIS firm.  They use planes to create 3d mapping data that...

Let Me Import That PST File…No. [pic]

Man, I love Reddit... :)

That’s One Hell Of A Power Plan [pic]

Republished with permission via:

Speaking of toner

Changing toner is easy, right?via:

You know it’s going to be a good day when…

...your day starts like this:via:

Liquid Cooled Display

That's a Windows NT 4.0 logon screen right there!via:

You really don’t look as cool as you think.

Hipsters:  The irony is no longer ironic.  Stop it.via: