Thursday, October 1, 2020
Acronis True Image 2020

Things that should not be

Pictures of botched network closets, dead animals in server rooms (or servers!), blankets of dust inside of desktop PCs, etc…

Let me ask you a question

If you found a desk like this what would you do?

Did this guy NOT have a screwdriver?


Who Doesn’t Love Ubuntu?


Android: great for streaming… (Japan, wait…Korea!)

Oh Japan Korea,  I am never surprised with you.[youtube]

Wicked Lasers vs. iPad 3 or, “you know who the winner is before you...

Wow. I need a laser like that for our cat. It might help keep it from breaking stuff in the basement...[youtube]via:...

Typing like a VIAA, eh…NPDD – I MEAN ‘BOSS’

See what I did there? Don't get me wrong...this thing looks pretty awesome in a minimalist kinda way, and it would totally do away with...

Too Many Bugs In This System [pic]

Random thought...I just had flashbacks to playing this game when I was young on our Tandy 1000...:via:

This was what it was like installing Windows 95: The Progress Bar [video]

Some of our readers might not be old enough to remember the terrible plight of the floppy-based installations for "large" programs back in the...