Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Things that should not be

Pictures of botched network closets, dead animals in server rooms (or servers!), blankets of dust inside of desktop PCs, etc...

That’s one hot machine!

And not in a good way. I've never encountered RAM that looks like the before. via:

LCD lamp fizzle out? Here’s your fix!

I have to say, that's quite a work-around.  +1 for creativity. via:

I think you arrived at the proper conclusion.

While working as a field service tech (think Geek Squad, except a small private company,) I had a customer who would call in every month or two with a virus infection. Every time I went to his house I would hear him running around...

That’s One Hell Of A Power Plan [pic]

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I Don’t Like To Admit It – but [pic]

We actually have a server closet with something similar. In our defense, we don't own the building and the previous building engineer left a water valve open. One flaming server later we decided a tarp to redirect any more possible leaks was a good...

Tired of using a mouse AND a keyboard? We have an answer for you!

I just don't know what to think of this thing.  Tell you what, Combimouse: you send me one of these, and I'll review and write it up for GAS, eh? That second half you see there acts as the (obviously) right-side of your keyboard, but...

Everyone, Chip In And Let This Guy Delete His Folder [pic]

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Where’s my SD card?

Oh, never mind I found one in all this packaging I ordered. via: