Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Helpful words of wisdom that can assist you in becoming a better you. And by a “better you,” we mean “don’t be like the poor sod who ends up here as a story.”

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

IT Humor:  Coming soon! If this site looks mysteriously like Geeks Are Sexy - don't worry, it's all good.  We'll get that taken care of...

10 Things Your IT Guy Wants You To Know [PSA]

A great list of some things we all wished our users knew. 1. Don't argue with me. If you come to me to ask technical questions,...

How Did You Know?

Hello, this is <Ginormous Consulting Company's> Help Desk, my name's GrumpyDingo, how can I help? Huh... yeah, I'm trying to send an attachment but the...

New To IT? This Will Help You [pic]


Finally a true purpose for Internet Explorer.

Never miss the chance to make fun of Internet Explorer. Never. via:

Uninstalling Norton Should Be Easier [pic]

Having to answer stupid questions just to get the removal tool for Norton was more than I could take that morning. I was removing it...

Please Dispose Of Sketchy Accessories [story]

Seriously, if it breaks three computers - throw it away. via:

Fix Your Clicking Hard Drive! [video]

This is a great tutorial! I tried it and it worked. via: via:

What is this?


How To Solve Printer Problems Quickly [story]

After working in IT for the last 15 years I've come to the realization that users WANT to fault the technology when they have...