Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Unnecessary Anger

People like getting mad. It’s even better if they get mad at you for doing your job, right?

Bad Google

Get it off, srsly

Fix these by 5:00pm, OR ELSE

Republished with permission from our friends at The Daily WTF: The daisy wheel stabbing at green-lined sheets could have been Satan’s fanfare, but Andy was...

The Web Site is Down: Remain Calm

Chip is at it again with his lack of patience (and knowledge of anything computer-related). Some NSFW language, but not as bad as...

Grace Under Fire

I was working as a Comcast home networking CSR and often got "irate" callers. A lady calls up and starts yelling as soon as I...

Help Desk tech loses it

I think this is fairly accurate, don't you? [youtube]