Monday, August 26, 2019


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

SOPA/PIPA Awareness

This post aims to raise awareness of the impending legislation surrounding SOPA and PIPA. This bill could seriously alter the way you use the Internet today - especially with regards to sites like FailDesk, our big brother Geeks Are Sexy and many, many others...

The Web Site is Down: Remain Calm

Chip is at it again with his lack of patience (and knowledge of anything computer-related). Some NSFW language, but not as bad as 'Excel Hell,' by far...![youtube]

Portable Internet for realz

As a follow up to yesterday's post about the Portable Internet, I thought it fitting to share this - 'tis a bit long, but it's worth it for a Friday laugh! You all deserve the weekend.[youtube]

Spam Busters

Dave Chappelle is one funny dude, his skit "if the internet was a real place" is absolutely side splitting. The entire clip is not really appropriate to post but this cut is by far my favorite part. This is somewhat NSFW, you've been warned.

Clever Windows “Virus” Vid & Tune Made with Windows .WAVs

It runs on a bit long, but you'll get the point after about 30 seconds. Still...very clever![youtube]

Classic: Windows 98 demo goes…um…as you’d expect

Since we at FailDesk are attempting to chronicle and archive some of the biggest IT blunders on the 'Net, I give you this awesome classic from '98 (could be '97):[youtube]

The Web Site is Down: Excel Hell

Warning, this video has VERY NSFW language, so close the door, put on your headphones and enjoy. ;)Don't like that but want to see something awesome and geeky? Click here.

I Think He Wants A New Mouse [video]

Wow. I have to hand it to the call center guy...[youtube]

Star Wars Help Desk [video]

The Empire needs support personnel, too...[youtube]

Full Of Crap [video]

I was really surprised this computer never overheated and died. This is the dustiest computer I've ever encountered.