Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

1980’s Hackers: Meet The 414s [video]

Interesting look at some 80's hackers.via:

Wired presents: 7 Videos Of A Sysadmin’s Worst Nightmares

Found this some time ago... via have to say, these are definitely the stuff of nightmares as a sysadmin - heck, we had water dripping on a few servers a couple years back, and THAT was disastrous enough![youtube][youtube][youtube][youtube][youtube] via:

World’s Worst Hacker

Here's a video of a honeypot getting hacked by an obvious wannabe.  I don't know if he is the "World's worst," per se, I mean, he did actually gain access into the honeypot (and he was able to open a shell session) one point,...

I’ve always wanted to do this – Decomissioning of server, Office Space style

I've set the start time at 3:15 seconds - that's where the real satisfaction for me happens...I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to do this.[youtube]

What Did We Tell You About Kids And Computers? [video]


So Close To Home: Email In Real Life [video]

Yes, this is a marketing video for their solution. Still funny.[youtube]via:

Have A Bug In Your System? [video]

Well There's Your Problem //

What It Feels Like When The Network Goes Down [video]

I don't think this is being overly dramatic at all... :)[youtube]

Full Of Crap [video]

I was really surprised this computer never overheated and died. This is the dustiest computer I've ever encountered.

Clap Virus, That Sounds Bad… [video]