Monday, August 26, 2019


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

Need To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus? [video] [nsfw]


Wayback Wednesday: The First Router [video]

Truly amazing...[youtube]

Don’t Break The Internet [video]


Just because it’s Apple


IE 10 Sucks Less and Microsoft wants you admit it

Microsoft is taking aim at all of us IE "haters" with a new ad, touting that they are making progress at sucking less.Follow the adventure of an Internet troll as he is slowly convinced that maybe IE isn't that bad after all.How can you...

Classic: Medieval help desk

One of my all time favorites...![youtube]

Android: great for streaming… (Japan, wait…Korea!)

Oh Japan Korea,  I am never surprised with you.[youtube]

iPhone 5: Great for taking pictures of food


The Office UK: Steve the IT guy AKA “me”

My favorite bit:"How long will it take you?'" long as it takes."There's an ad (thanks Hulu!) at the beginning...if you have ad blocking enabled, there will be nothing shown for a few moments.  Just wait, it will show up eventually!

That sounds terrible

The video quality is pretty bad but the audio is what makes this video.[youtube]via: