Friday, February 22, 2019


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

Geek Got Swag: Doug “the Tech Geek” battles rapper

Ha!  This is from the iPhone game "Battle Rap Stars.""Flows so cold they freeze like PCs."[youtube]

Microsoft | Child Of The 90’s [video]

[youtube] via:

Voltage Or Current? [video]

I know, not entirely IT related but hey computers use electricity. Plus watching a guy shock himself is always pretty funny! [youtube]via: via:

Happy Sysadmin Day! The Web Site is Down: Chipadmin [video] NSFW

As always, this video from TheWebSiteDown is NSFW (because of language)...FYI ;)[youtube]via:

Don’t Lie About Rebooting Your Computer [video]


Wayback Wednesday: The Development of Hard Drive Storage

Circa 1956-57. The vid is quite long, but I've queued it up to the good part when they show all the *ahem* disk action...From an educational standpoint, the video is pretty good - if you are an uber-geek (I'm looking at you, mirror)...

Hope That Was All Bad Hardware! [video]


Windows Surface tablet demo fail

Evokes memories of now infamous Windows 98 demo fail - - remember that?[youtube]

Wayback Wednesday: William Shatner brings you the VIC20

Complete with trademark Shatner acting!  Just don't ask him to sing.[youtube]

Old people and technology

So much fun.via: