Saturday, August 24, 2019


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

If It Doesn’t Work, Smack It! [video]


Voltage Or Current? [video]

I know, not entirely IT related but hey computers use electricity. Plus watching a guy shock himself is always pretty funny! [youtube]via: via:

Just A Couple Of Bugs To Work Out [video]


Your name is Peter File? [video]


How Most People Use Google [video]

I've seen first hand many people use Google this way.via:

Let’s Get This Project Rolling! [video]


Probably the most offensive IT related commercial ever [video] also can hold its own against other non-IT related commercials. It transcends genre here, folks.Anyway - the company is Digital Loggers. I've never heard of these guys, and probably most of you haven't either......but you have now![youtube]via:

Happy Sysadmin Day! The Web Site is Down: Chipadmin [video] NSFW

As always, this video from TheWebSiteDown is NSFW (because of language)...FYI ;)[youtube]via:

Hope That Was All Bad Hardware! [video]


Someone Was Busy! [video]

[youtube] via: