Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Yahoo Answers gets a category all of its own here. Think of it like the “Florida” tag over at Fark. The site is rife with the most completely off-the-wall questions and answers you’ll ever see this side of the Internet.

Portable Internet

Need the internet in your pocket? Me too.Via

Who Let The Trolls Out?

via: via:

How Do You Make A Dell?

Today's burning question: ¬†How do you make a Dell?via: 

Screen Cleaner?

You need a door lock.via:

What else would you need the internet for?

Sure, sure, iPods and DVDs player are internet capable but...via:

I Don’t Think He’s Asking A Linux Question [pic]

Somehow I don't think he was looking for Linux advice.

Mom – Stay Off Yahoo Answers [pic]

Why are you using Internet Explorer for anything other than downloading Firefox or Chrome?via:

Stop Looking At His Bidness, Hackers [pic]

I hate hackers too. Hide yo bits, hide yo bytes; they be hackin' everybody out here.via:

SPAM ever heard of it?

If you're asking this question I'm pretty sure your computer should be taken away.via: