Friday, October 18, 2019
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Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers gets a category all of its own here. Think of it like the “Florida” tag over at Fark. The site is rife with the most completely off-the-wall questions and answers you’ll ever see this side of the Internet.

What Did Your IT Guy Say? {nsfw} [pic]

Yes, that is what he means. You should call him.via:

Portable Internet

Need the internet in your pocket? Me too.Via

You were ripped off.

Maybe stop back at the store and see if they have the rest hidden behind the counter?via:

Try Amazon? [pic]

Even criminals like a good deal. You can buy just about anything else online so why not try. Via 

Do your own damn homework.

I realize this happens all the time, but I wonder if the advanced microbiology and weapons development fields have this problem?  If so, it's no wonder our world is the way it is.via:

Mom – Stay Off Yahoo Answers [pic]

Why are you using Internet Explorer for anything other than downloading Firefox or Chrome?via:

SPAM ever heard of it?

If you're asking this question I'm pretty sure your computer should be taken away.via:

Trolled them, you have. Yes, hmmm.

When 900 characters your post reaches, trolled so well you will be.via: 

Trying too hard

Recorded records. He has no hard drive or mastery of English?via: