Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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You should know better

Stories about people who really have no clue…but really should. The simplest of tasks confuse them. If they do get something right, they do not hesitate to congratulate themselves about how much of a genius they are.

Confounding key combo conundrum

I was working in a large agriculture & construction equipment company as a contracted desktop support technician back in '97 or so.  We were...

Math Skills: Intact [pic]

Found in the TechNet forums... My favorite response: via

We All Know “That One Guy” [story]

If you work in IT you know which guy I'm talking about. He's the one that corners you and asks you all sorts of...

Well, you can’t fault their reading choice…

I started out in the 90's doing independent on site tech support. Most of my clientele consisted of 50-something early retirees with way too...

Internet Printing! [story]

I literally just stumbled upon this today: I was performing a search for a particular error code that appeared on my HP p3010 LaserJet printer. ...

Yes, It’s called a “laptop,” and you are using one right now.

"I received the below email 10 days ago, and thought it was a good candidate. Today he asked me for a followup, but I'm...

Still not working

You can only find gems like this on peer help forums. I hope someone explained that when you turn it off it will still...

Finding files: one part detective work, one part archeology, two parts facepalm

I had a user ask me to assist her in finding a document that she wrote several months prior. She said that she could...

Go Phish

I work on a University Help Desk and you'd think our users would be at least slightly smart.. Below is an email I sent...

You know these people.

I work in a school. So I get a LOT of stupid questions, from staff and students. Just recently I've put up the classic...