Sunday, January 29, 2023

You should know better

Stories about people who really have no clue…but really should. The simplest of tasks confuse them. If they do get something right, they do not hesitate to congratulate themselves about how much of a genius they are.

Customer Freak-Out: I’m Not The Hacker [story]

I've dealt with paranoid people before and I find them highly amusing. This happened years ago back when I worked as an "agent" for a...

Tech Level: Baker [pic]


All that fits on your flash drive? Hmmm…

User had, in their unmistakable wisdom, created a USB drive full of shortcuts to multi-gigabyte files, and then deleted every copy of the source...

You should rethink your degree…

At a previous job at a university, one of the student assistants in charge of running a computer lab called in and told us...

What’s My Username? [from the field]

You can normally gauge length of employment with statements like this. From Client: “What’s my username?” Me: “It’s your first name, a space and then your...

You stole my internet.

I always suspect my wife FIRST. She takes the internet all over the house and leaves it laying around. via:

Can’t send email

Yep, you sure can't send email. via:

English, Do You Speak It? [rage comic]

I couldn't quote Jules Winnfield *exactly*, you know trying to keep it PG-13ish here... via

Ah yes, the ol’ “potato spin” technique…wait…

Note quite IT related, but close enough... This takes place on first line technical support for a major satellite television company. This call center was...